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The Gallery of the Castromediano's Castle. Three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual representation

The Gallery of the Castromediano's Castle. Three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual representation.

(See also Galleria del Palazzo Ducale di Cavallino)


The Ducal Castle Castromediano – Limburg is a building built around the sixteenth century in the centre of Cavallino, a town of Salento located south of Lecce (Italy), one of the points of excellence in the art and culture of Salento. The Castle, also known as Ducal Palace, was the home of the illustrious Duke Sigismondo Castromediano, a man of great culture, archaeologist, writer and indomitable patriot of the Italian Risorgimento.

Of great importance is the Gallery of the Castle, a magnificent reception room richly decorated and adorned by numerous sculptures. It is 24 meters long, 8 wide and 11 high. The floor was realized with enamelled cement and it is rich in polychrome tiles that form a pattern of stars, which is repeated in the frescoes illustrating the vault, decorated with the symbols of the zodiac. The walls are decorated with numerous sculptures, arranged on two levels.

Today, the magnificent Gallery shows the signs of aging and improper use. A conservative restoration and aesthetic is therefore planned.

The Gallery is nowadays widely regarded as an architectural jewel where art and history come together in a setting of rare beauty and charm, a historical and artistic heritage of great importance, also from a touristic standpoint, a place to enjoy and preserve.

The Gallery of the Castromediano’s Castle was the subject of a digital acquisition Project, a three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual representation performed by the CEIT (Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Innovation Technology for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Biomedicine), directed by Virginia Valzano, Scientific-Technical Coordinator of the same project.

The work of 2D and 3D digital acquisition and processing of the whole Gallery, including the frescos, the architectural structure and the various objects that compose it, such as statues and friezes, was quite complex and required the use of specific hardware and software instruments also in consideration of the size and mainly of the considerable height of the ceiling.

The high resolution 3D digital acquisition was performed by a time-of-flight 3D laser scanner, with a wide field of view capable of acquiring large surface areas with a resolution up to 92 points per degree, and a campaign of photographic shooting of the frescoed surfaces.

A 3D model, both in high and low resolution, was created, in full color, along with  the animation of the model according to a predefined path that allows the user to enjoy, by various media, a virtual tour of the Gallery in a guided, detailed, complete and full-immersion manner.

In particular, the three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual representation of the Gallery is available in stereoscopy, in real time and interactively, through the Virtual Theater 3D.

The 3D model high resolution is therefore a useful tool for the future conservation and the aesthetic restoration of the Gallery, to use remotely and for in-depth studies of historical and artistic nature.

The video documentary, intended for a wide audience, was made with mixed techniques of 3D visualization and video shooting. It allows a journey through time and in the Gallery accompanied by an original and fascinating background music by Daniele Durante.

Through various media (3D virtual theatre, CD / DVD, Internet ...), scholars and tourists fans will, therefore, be able to admire, even from a distance, the beauty of the Gallery, its architecture full of frescoes and sculptures, to appreciate and study in depth all the historical and artistic aspects of one of the most beautiful rooms of patrician residences in the province of Lecce, a true jewel of Southern art.

The methodology and technology used for the Gallery can be easily replicated for the three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual representation of environments and architectural structures for which interventions are planned both for study and restoration and in order to spread their knowledge for cultural and tourist purposes.


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La Galleria del Castello dei Castromediano.
Ricostruzione tridimensionale e rappresentazione virtuale


The Gallery of the Castromediano's Castle.
Three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual representation